Imagine if you had an edge. The edge you need to outperform yourself, to see self-improvement in yourself everyday. 


I draw upon my life experiences over the last 18 years on what it takes to be an elite athlete and how to create the mindset required to drive your own success.

I have competed at the highest level over many years and have gained a degree level in being elite, in life and in sport. It would be selfish of me to hold on to all this knowledge I have gained. I want to share it with you and let you in on the secrets of being the best in your field.

I believe the life skills gained through elite sport can be directly transferred to the corporate world to improve performance. Through my presentations I will assist your business by improving the personal skills of your employees.

I have delivered many successful presentations to diverse groups. I excel when talking about teamwork, gaining an elite mindset, overcoming obstacles and the sport life balance. 


My talks can be tailored to suit your groups needs. Please fill in the form below to submit your enquiry and lets get talking!

dreams into reality

Dreams are great but how do you actually accomplish what you want?

There is no shortcuts but Jo can teach you the steps to give you the best shot at your dreams

dual career & life after sport

Jo has always had a good life balance. Learning to combine sport, work and study is no easy task but Jo has excelled in all areas

Goal setting

Want the insider tips on how to set, plan and reach your goal?

Jo has been using simple techniques for years and she can teach them to you



Jo has had many challenges thrown her way, including two shoulder reconstructions and missing selection to the Olympic Team. Learn how she overcame these and got back on track

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