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Elite Cake Co. has been in the making for years.

Owner and baker, Jo Brigden-Jones has been creating desserts in her home kitchen for many years. Self taught, and cooking to fuel her sweet tooth and cravings, Jo developed a passion for baking and creating cakes to share with her friends and family. At a young age she started making packet cake mixes and it has evolved to her creating her own recipes she wants to share with the world.


In late 2020, after numerous cake requests from family and friends, Jo turned her side hustle into an offical business - Elite Cake Co. The creation of the business was designed to financially support a move from Sydney to the Gold Coast for training with her teammates, as she was awaiting a paramedic location transfer. Elite Cake Co. sells custom made cakes and cooking spatula sets. Jo will be using all proceeds from the sale of her products to help support her towards the Tokyo Olympics. 

To find out more about Elite Cake Co., order a custom cake or purchase a set of sprinkle cooking spatulas, click here.

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